Why event rentals, decor & production matter

September 29, 2015

The all important question, why should I spend a large part of my budget on decor or production?

We hear it a lot, and it’s a very common concern. Particularly with weddings and smaller events, most people don’t see the point in booking any decor more than chairs and tables. The biggest concern is budget, and how the money could ‘better be spent elsewhere,’ like catering or flowers.

To that we say, for some it is! Professional decor and production beyond the necessitates are not always required. Some people like “off the grid events” and that’s totally cool by us! In the age of the DIY bride and event planner, it has become increasingly popular to ‘decorate’ an event on your own. Professional decor & production companies, like us, provide more than the generic store bought decor. At Voltage Visuals, we aim to produce and decorate events that are beyond your imagination, and that’s why we believe that spending the money is worth it.

Before we go into the gritty details, we think its important to offer some advice. Before you start booking vendors, figure out how much you want  to spend in each category. Photography, music (DJ’s or band), rentals, lighting, food, staff and floral are just of the many service providers you will have to pick and choose. One of the biggest tips we give to clients is that there is no finite percent to spend on each category. Every event is unique and every client has their own priorities. Some clients want to spend half their budget on catering, and that’s fine! But before you sit down with any vendor, know your budget and how much you want to spend. Having a budget is one of the most important parts of having an event. If you know how much to spend, and you know your vision per category, you are set! Don’t be afraid to tell vendors your budget for what you want from them. Most vendors love to hear when you tell them how much you want to spend, because then we can tell you what we can fit into that price tag. Many of our clients have told us they are afraid of giving a budget, because they believe that we will charge them that exact number. We always give a handful of quotes, all under the budget. We recommend you ask every vendor for the same if you want to price shop. However, it is important to note that sometimes your vision or goals aren’t attainable within a certain budget. If you want $50,000 worth of decor for $2,000, you will be disappointed when every vendor says no.

With that said, at Voltage Visuals we focus on your vision and goals – and we are all about the final product being out of this world! Event production & rentals, from decor to lighting and more, make or break and event. Everything from draping to chairs can change a venues appearance and make your dreams reality. Everyone has a goal for an event, and decor/production is an excellent way to communicate that goal. If you are hosting an event for a drought charity, decor can be used to communicate rain and the importance of water. If you are hosting a corporate party, and your logo is an umbrella – professionally designed decor can integrate that into the design!

To answer the question: Why does event rental and production matter?

When done right, it adds beauty and personal touch to any event. Without it, nothing sets your event apart – nothing makes it unique. Below is an example of why decor matters. The venue is Windhaven Ranch in San Juan Bautista, California.



You can see how bare the venue is, and we see potential.

And here is after Voltage Visuals was done:

Evan & Nikki Wedding_Final-184

You can see how big of a difference the proper production can make! Without a professional decoration team, the barn wouldn’t have looked unique, and definitely would not have been the vision of the clients!

So when you are planning an event, remember that the proper production or rental company can make or break it! Get a budget ready and know what you want! Pinterest is a great place to collect images of what you like, and decor companies love when you have pictures. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, picking out a color palette is a great start.

At Voltage Visuals, we love helping prospective clients decide on decor or colors – so if you ever have any questions or concerns regarding event design we would love to help you out!

After Picture Courtesy Laura Hernandez Photography

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