Setting Out To Change The Industry One Year Ago | Voltage Visual’s Birthday!

March 14, 2016


One year ago I decided to leave the company I was with and pursue change. Starting your own business is never a simple task, but for years I have known that I needed to be my own boss. I started the company by draining my personal savings account and developing a business strategy for Voltage Visuals. We (Myself and my first employees) knew that we had to do what we set out to accomplish; to change the way clients experience event production. Anyone can purchase a couple hundred plates and rent them, but we wanted to be more than that.

We set out to empower our clients & community of businesses to create their own vision and be able to accomplish it. Rather than seek profit first, Voltage Visual’s goal was to fulfill The Rising Tide Society’s mission statement of “Community over Competition.” For ten years I have seen businesses in our sector disparage each other, publicly shame and even sabotage their competitors. I knew that in order to feel successful, we needed to be different.

And that’s what we have done.

Step one on March 15th, 2015 was to create a business plan that reflected goals we could not achieve. Why aim for an easy accomplishment? Fortunately, I had a friend who was getting married in two or so months, so we knew that was Day 1 for our public image. I took my savings and invested in assets like trailers, lighting, drapery and tons of random props and linens! I started Voltage Visuals knowing that it just ‘had’ to work. I wanted nothing more than to bring my vision of delivering vision to every client we could.

So one year later; have we? Absolutely! In a year we have accomplished more than I could have ever dreamed of. We have been blessed by Tuesdays Together which has enabled us to share our knowledge with other small businesses, as well as learn from them! Our clients have challenged our way of business, and we have challenged our clients imaginations.

It is absolutely bitter sweet to realize my ‘child’ is a year old today, but even more-so that we have many more years of work ahead of us. We are entering a new chapter of building acquisition and expansions, as well as taking on new clients and events we could have never anticipated!

And with that, we have to say thank you to all of our past, present and future clients. We really could not have made it this far without you, and we hope we have made a difference in your events. We aim to exceed your expectations and deliver world class service. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing Voltage Visuals.

To many, many more years-

Paul Bench, Owner



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