Picking Your Venue & Vendors (Part 2 of 2)

October 27, 2015

Two weeks behind schedule (Due to conflicts) this week is part of two, continuing talks about picking vendors and your venue!

We wanted to talk vendors, and it is a very important – and very touchy for some – topic.

The most important thing to remember when picking vendors is that they exist to serve you, and you have the ultimate decision. We see it all the time, clients pick vendors based on relationships or even being bullied into it. You should never pick a vendor based on anything other than if the vendors meets your requirements and expectations!

On our post about picking a venue we talked about making a list of expectations, and we recommend the same thing for vendors. Here are some things to think about when selecting vendors:

  1. Price. Does their pricing fit into what you wanted to pay? Are they excessively cheap or overly expensive? Both can be negative.
  2. Services. Do they offer what you want, or just something close?
  3. Fees. Do they bundle their cost, or will they charge your extra for things you really want?
  4. Availability. Can they even work your date?
  5. Match. Do you feel like they care about you? Or are you just a date to them? Make sure the vendors want to be a part of your day.

If you are smart when shopping for vendors, you will always come out ahead! Some times your ‘perfect’ vendor is not right for you, and you have to make that decision and walk away! Always talk with your SO about budget and what you want before talking to vendors. If you want to spend a lot on a DJ, but your SO doesn’t, that could cause some issues!

Each vendor category will have unique needs, so make sure you are prepared to address those. A cater may need specific things at the venue, and a florist may charge for drop off. Always make sure to make a list of questions you have, and ask them all.

So how exactly do pick a vendor? Referrals are great, but they are not everything. If your cousin loved a cater, but its not your style of preparation or food – then maybe that cater is not the greatest choice. As with any vendor, making sure you are a proper fit (Both directions) is important. This is why we also tell clients to know what they want/need and talk to each prospective vendor about it. A good vendor will be up front about any shortfalls, and will either work around those – or mutually decide they aren’t a good fit!

Picking vendors can be stressful, but remember that everything is a process; and sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. Never settle for a vendor, and try to meet a couple in  each category before you pick!

Best of Luck!

If you have any questions, or need recommendations for vendors in Monterey County – please email me directly at [email protected]


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