Laura Hernandez Photography Workshop | Electrify Your Education | Update

July 20, 2015

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Last week we announced our partnership with Laura Hernandez Photography for amazing photography workshop in Monterey, California!

Unfortunately, due to extenuating circumstances, the workshop needed to be moved backwards to August 26th & 27th!

This means that it will be even more accessible for a lot of people, and we really hope you can make it!

All the details of the workshop can be seen by visiting the Workshop Website!

This workshop will be a fantastic learning experience, and we really hope you can come learn new things that will make you a better wedding vendor and photographer! We will be at the event to provide production services and to answer any questions you might have about even design and production!

In order to make sure that everyone can attend, we are offering a one-time coupon to the first person to use the coupon code “VOLTAGE2015″  on the workshop ticket page.

If you really want to attend, do not hesitate! Purchase a ticket, as this event has extremely limited seating.

This workshop is a great opportunity to grow your portfolio and network with other photography professionals!

LHP welcomes guests from anywhere in the world to join them. It will be a workshop you don’t want to miss!



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